Friday, July 31, 2009

Energy burst

Wow, I don't know what got into me today, but I got so much done! In fact, if this were a one-story house, it would be all clean right now. Maybe I'll have another burst of energy tomorrow and tackle the upstairs.

Besides cleaning, I also took Mike to get his senior picture made (here's hoping they can airbrush out the small gash he got on his forehead last night) and took Annabelle to run a few back-to-school errands.

Speaking of school, can you believe they start back up on Monday? Where did July go? I'm not finished with it yet!

Last night we went for the open house at the new high school (as in so brand new there are still workers throughout). Mike is feeling all sentimental towards the old school, but the new school is beeyooteefull, and the old school was pretty much a pit. Color me shallow, but my whole mood is brighter in those wide, cheerful hallways.

I guess I never took any pictures of the old place, but here are a couple of random ones I found on the web, just to give you an idea:

In April 2008 we had a groundbreaking:

And now we have this:

I'd call that progress.

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