Monday, July 06, 2009

A day of food

Oh, my, I am STUFFED! I began the day with a bowl of banana pudding for breakfast. My mom makes epic banana pudding from my Grandma Jernigan's recipe (except that Mom makes 3 cups of sauce and uses an entire box of cookies):

Then we went to visit my grandparents, my aunt, and my great-aunt and stayed for lunch: cheese lasagna for me! There's a nice woman who works in the cafeteria whom we have dubbed "the compliment lady," because invariably one--and only one--member of our party will get a sweet compliment from her. Jenny and I compete somewhat shamelessly to be the one to snag the compliment, but today's winner was my mom for her hair. I think next time I shall wear the hat I wore to Derby--that is sure to win some sort of remark!

Tonight we met up with Jeff and my friend Dez for supper at a Thai restaurant (garlic pork) followed by a visit to the Dessert Lady (sour cream apple cobbler).

I'm positively stuffed and would like to say I'm never eating again. In less than 12 hours, however, I'll be back in action, scarfing down pancakes at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill at Deleon Springs. Sigh . . . it's a tough life.

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