Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh, Auntie Em!

Sorry I forgot about blogging last night. I didn't actually forget. It's just that by the time I remembered, I was already in bed in my in-laws' house and couldn't get a signal on my cell phone. I was feeling too lazy to go back upstairs and use the computer, so I blew it off.

One nice thing about cutting the trip unexpectedly short was that I usually spend my last couple of days in Florida whining about how much I'm dreading the drive back up. Leaving early spared me (and everyone around me) that special joy. And the drive turned out to be fairly OK as far as 800+ mile trips go. Mostly we listened to Life of Pi on CD.

I have so much to get done this weekend, but tonight I am being a complete slug. I am going to sit here in bed and try to get caught up on my email and maybe watch some TV.

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