Thursday, August 30, 2012

More first days of school

We've been having some problems with Ginger and separation anxiety. If we have to leave her alone for longer than an hour or two now, we send her to doggie daycare at Main Street Pet Resort in Platte City. She has a nice time playing with the other dogs, and we don't have to worry about coming home to puddles (and no, it's not a UTI--we had her tested). The cool thing about the daycare is that they have a bus that comes on post and picks up dogs in the morning and drops them off in the afternoon. Here's Ginger getting on the bus this morning so that I could go to Kansas City for a day of shopping:

Speaking of first days, here's a picture Mike snapped a couple days ago on the first day of school at Florida State:

Hard to believe he's halfway done with college already! He has signed up for a lot of science courses this semester, because he has decided he wants to go to physical therapy school after college (assuming he can get an educational delay from the Air Force).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Look who's a senior!

I got all nostalgic and inspired after dropping Annabelle off for her first day of senior year yesterday and created this:

It looks like it should be a pretty good year! She finished up her fourth year of English at the community college this summer, so her academic courses are AP Calculus, AP Biology, and Physics. She's also got a semester of Web Design and a semester of Psychology to finish off general graduation requirements. Best of all, she's got 3 hours of the arts: A Capella Choir, Band, and Jazz Band.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Welcome home, Mike!

Mike spent 4 weeks at Field Training this summer as part of his AFROTC scholarship. He graduated on Monday, August 6. We weren't able to go, but his girlfriend, Sarah, did, and she sent me some photos:

We were on hand at the airport the next day though to welcome him home:

I can't believe he's already been home a week already! He says Field Training was the "most fun [he] never wants to have again."

Annabelle goes back to school tomorrow, and Mike leaves to go back to Tally on Sunday. This has been a great summer, but it has gone by way too fast (except for those 4 Field Training weeks)!