Monday, February 17, 2020

Photo organization update

I used to be so on top of things when it came to organizing my photos, but the past few years are just a mess. Having a phone with a decent camera has led me to taking many more pictures than I used to, and I haven't done a very good job about moving them to my computer and organizing them there. One of my goals for this year is to finish with the digitization of my old photos and videos, but there's an awful lot of stuff that I've already got in digital format that needs to be dealt with as well.

One thing I finally accomplished a few weeks ago was finishing the Shutterfly photobook of the trip that Fred and I made to Hawaii to celebrate my 50th birthday (3 years ago). Yay, me!

There are a few basic tasks that I really need to do to get back on the road to total photo (and video) organization.
  • Clean out the downloads folder on my computer.
  • Run a de-duplication program on my computer to find files where I have the same item stashed in more than one location. (These first 2 items would also help me in my quest to organize my digital and non-digital files in general.)
  • Clean the junk photos off my phone.
  • Figure out a plan for how far back I want the photos on my phone to go. On the one hand it's nice to be able to scroll back and find an old picture, but honestly I have an easier time locating a file when it's on my computer with metadata that makes sense. I don't think I want photos on both the camera and the computer (don't worry, my computer is constantly backed up offsite, currently with Carbonite but I'm considering finding a different service), because then I will not know from looking at my phone whether a file is on the computer or not.
I need to carve out 15 or 20 minutes every day to work on this.

Climbing stairs in 2020

Last year one of my goals was to do 10 minutes of exercise every day (generally some sort of yoga or stretching routine) and get my 10,000 steps. I managed to do it every day without fail . . . until late July when my knee freaked out on me and I missed a couple days. Having broken my streak, I declared it all a failure and never went back.

I do love the motivational power of a good streak. My nephew Ethan and I are almost up to 1000 days with our Snapchat streak, and I'm approaching 800 days of working on my Duolingo German lessons. But snapping a quick picture or spending 5 to 10 minutes doing German exercises (both generally in bed as soon as I wake up) is one thing. Exercising is another. Sometimes knees hurt. Sometimes it rains or I'm traveling or whatever, and the power of a broken streak can be dreadfully demotivating.

This year my fitness goal is to climb 20 flights of stairs (as counted on my Apple Watch) nearly every day. This shouldn't be too hard for me to do--I live in a 3-story house and work on the third floor of a building with many more floors. On days when I'm in the office and need to go to the first floor, I climb up several flights first before taking the elevator down; then I climb back up to my desk. On days when I'm home, I set the timer on my watch for 30 minutes intervals and run to the basement and back each time it goes off.

I decided to track my progress with an iPhone app called Strides. This app does track streaks, both a current streak and whatever my longest streak happens to be. But it also shows an overall percentage of days on which I have met my goal, and it colors in each day that the goal is met, kind of like a child's sticker chart.

Here's my January:

And here's my February so far:

You can see from the overview in the iPhone Health app that so far this year, my daily average of flights climbed has gone way up:

I think of my 94% score as a nice, solid A.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

19 in 2019 lookback: 1 Second Everyday

At the end of 2017, I learned about this really cool app called 1 Second Everyday. The idea is that every day you shoot one second of video and then mash it together into a compilation at the end of your chosen time period. I decided it would be fun to do for 2018, so I bought the app and diligently added my one-second clip each day. By the end of 2018, I was starting to lose interest, and I felt like I was forgetting to do it all day and then adding yet another random clip. On New Year's Eve though, when I mashed my clips together (and added music through the app Splice), I was entranced with the results:

So I entered 2019 with great enthusiasm for making another year-in-review video, but this time I tried to be much more intentional to make sure that I included a wider range of friends and family. The results:

I really feel like this project has made me happier. I begin each day by thinking about what or whom I am going to include in my clip for the day, which makes me more mindful of paying attention to the important things in my day.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

19 in 2019 lookback: Read 36 books

Last year I set my reading goal at 36 books, because how hard can it be to read 3 books a month, right? I'm sure I used to do way more than that without setting any sort of goal. Well, I made it through 22 (click the image to see it bigger):

I've decided to set my goal this year at 20. It seems a good number for 2020, and frankly I'm tired of feeling bad about my reading.

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Tap, tap, tap . . . is this thing on?

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it?

For the past couple of years, Annabelle and I have participated in the "xx goals for 20xx" project championed by 2 of my favorite podcasts, Happier and Happier in Hollywood. Basically, you set 18 goals for 2018, 19 goals for 2019, and now 20 for 2020. Oh, and there's also a word for the year. Last year my word was "flexibility"; this year it's "focus" (get it? 20/20 as a vision measurement?)

I have set my 20 intentions for the year, some of which are carryovers--some successful, some not--but many of which are brand new. I wanted a place to keep track of my progress on these various goals, and this blog seemed like the obvious choice. I feel a little weird to be blogging as One-Tired Mom though. I am still tired, still a mom, and still longing to learn how to ride the unicycle, but my kids have grown up and moved out on their own. In fact, now I could be called One-Tired Grandma. But this blog still feels like home to me, so I'm firing it back up for purposes of this project.

Here in alphabetical order is what I hope to accomplish before 2021 rolls around:
  1. 1 Second Every Day: continue for the third year
  2. 20 flights of stairs daily
  3. Curate my wardrobe and makeup collection
  4. Deployment: support Mike, Sarah, and Violet
  5. Digitize home movies and photographs
  6. German: Duolingo and Deutsche Welle news podcast daily for the third year
  7. Home improvement project: TBD
  8. Knitting: Finish my Irish fisherman’s sweater and make Sam’s Christmas stocking
  9. Learn how to use GitHub
  10. Learn Python
  11. Listen to the Washington Post’s Presidential podcast
  12. Organize files - paper and digital
  13. Read 20 books
  14. Read Washingtonian magazine monthly
  15. Sew Annabelle’s anteater PJ pants and the “trash friends” dress
  16. Succulent project: wreath, planter?
  17. Travel someplace with Fred that isn't visiting family
  18. Unicycle: finally learn how to ride
  19. Visit my parents
  20. Wedding: support Sam and Annabelle in planning

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Farewell, Copenhagen!

We met Annabelle for one last chocolate-croissant breakfast and gave her all our Danish money. I'm pretty sure that's at least a thousand dollars:

She went to class, and we found our way back to the airport:

The flight home was a breeze, but stepping outside the Dulles airport was like falling into an oven.

I'm sure that at least a few of these steps are from hiking through Dulles and around the long-term parking lot, but I'm counting them all as from Denmark:

111,397 steps for the week! If my poor feet could have taken it, I'm sure I could have walked another 111,000 and still not run out of cool things to see.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Copenhagen: Day 6

We headed off in different directions today, our last full day in Denmark, with Annabelle and me going in search of yarn and Fred just wandering around the city. We found the yarn store, but it was closed. I have a few photos, such as this geographically helpful cow:

And this picture Fred took of the Black Diamond:

Our tourist frenzy seems to have worn off, however, so there aren't many photos from today. We did cover plenty of ground though:

We have walked past the Church of Our Lady many times as we've gone from our apartment to Annabelle's and back again:

Tonight we heard a band playing on the steps and went to check it out:

A brief video clip:

We had dinner at Nova, a Mexican restaurant around the corner from Annabelle's apartment. My lovely mojito:

It's rather chilly today, but that didn't stop us from grabbing ice cream after supper:

Monday, July 04, 2016

Copenhagen: Day 5

We have really enjoyed having the church and its bells just outside our living room window:

Here's a picture of it from the other side:

And right across the street from that is Rosenborg Castle. I still can't get over the fact that I just HAPPENED to book an Airbnb within a couple blocks of a castle. We started today's wanderings there, where we saw the palace guard getting into formation for the changing of said guard at Amalienborg:

We walked down to Amalienborg for the ceremony. A few random pics:

More pictures of the Nevsky and Marble Churches, just because they're so amazing:

Annabelle took some photos of Fred and me in front of the Marble Church. She said of the bottom right one, "It portrays my mom as an actual fairy princess and my dad as confused but amused and generally cool with it."

After the guard-changing ceremony, we passed the relieved unit headed back to their barracks:

I don't think I have ever seen a Tesla before, but they are everywhere here:

Nikolaj Kunsthal, an arts center in a former church:

At Christiansborg Palace, we went underground to see the ruins of an even older palace that dates back to 1167. It was very interesting but dark, so the only photo I got was one of Annabelle prepping the rodents for one of their Instagram offerings:

We returned to La Glace for a lunch of cake and hot chocolate:

Meanwhile back in Texas, my Baby Bird is sick! Poor Mike has pneumonia and spent the day in the ER:

Feel better soon, sweetie!

Steps walked today: