Friday, July 17, 2009

Return to Oz

Dropping out of Wizard of Oz was probably the toughest decision Annabelle has ever had to make. Our lives have been unbelievably crazy this summer though and theater is a huge commitment, so I think it was for the best. We are playing the part of audience members this summer in a big way. We went last Saturday night, and we went again tonight, this time taking her friend Janelle along, and we'll be going tomorrow to watch closing night.

It's a really great show! It amazes me to see how much kids from last year's production have matured. I love the costumes and all the special effects--the tornado, the light-up rainbow, etc.--and the dog who plays Toto is cute as can be. Ginger looks like a Toto, but no way does she have the discipline to go on stage.

Both nights we've gone, we have gone out after the show with the cast and even though I HATE driving home from E'town at midnight, it just melts my heart to see how happy Annabelle is with her people. They truly are her tribe! You can read her thoughts on the matter here.

Youth Theatre of Hardin County is more than just a fun group of talented people; they are a family, and they have welcomed us as one of their own.

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