Sunday, July 26, 2009

Night vision

The concert last night was way less painful than I had anticipated. I did wind up wearing ear protectors for the last hour or so, but the rain held off and the heat wasn't too bad. I hope to have a couple pictures to share in a few days, but they are currently trapped on my cell phone and a friend's cell phone. So instead I give you random webcam photos of Harvey!

Harvey loves to get all snuggly late at night, which is generally when I am lying beneath my laptop. I got the idea one night to use the webcam to capture candid shots of him. Of course, because it is generally dark, they're not very good, but I think his sweetness shines through.

I took this one on June 20, when he was chasing the cursor around the computer screen:

On July 16, he lay beside me on his back for a good 20 minutes watching Breaking Bad with me:

Then he got bored and played around on my pillow:

During the day of July 21, he sacked out across me for a catnap:

Ginger joined us at the same time for a dognap:

Here's another cute one from the night of July 24:

The lack of lighting in this one just kills me:

See that big, black void that Harvey is snuggled up with? That's Eddie!

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