Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to school . . . but how much school?

That is the question.

I registered for the fall semester at FSU today to continue working on my Master's of Library Science, a project that I took a little break from for the spring semester. I wound up registering for 3, figuring that I should grab a selection while the grabbing was good and then drop what I don't want. Now I'm wondering if I should keep them all.

I have 5 classes left to go, including 2 "core" courses. One of the classes I picked today is LIS 5271 (Research in Information Studies), which "examines the principles and methods of systems analysis and research in the context of library and information studies. Considers problem identification and definition and techniques of data collection and analysis, including statistical analysis. The course also discusses typical problems studied." I don't know that it really lights my fire, but it's a core course and I was able to get into it, so it's staying on the schedule. So that's where I'll be on Wednesday nights from 8 to 10.

That leaves Monday and Tuesday nights to worry with. On Monday from 8 to 10, I currently have LIS 5008 (Advanced Online Searching), which "presents the latest tools, resources, and techniques of searching online database systems (such as DialogWeb & LexisNexis) and various Web search tools (such as search engines, directories, & meta-search tools), and of delivering search results for clients." Yum!

And on Tuesday from 6 to 8 (meaning Mike will have to pick Annabelle up from dance class), I've got LIS 5362 (Design & Production of Network Multimedia): "Examines theory, concepts and techniques for designing, producing, and evaluating network multimedia resources to meet specific information needs. Students engage in collaborative design projects applying theoretical constructs from communication, education, engineering, graphic design and information science to the provision of resources using emerging multimedia network technologies." Again, yum!

So, as I was saying, my original plan was to definitely keep the core course and maybe one of the electives. But now I'm wondering if I would be insane to keep all 3. On the plus side, if I do all 3, I will need just one more core course and one more elective, and I will be done, done, DONE! That falls in line with my original plan of graduating the same time Mike finishes high school so that we're not handling college tuition for more than one person at a time.

On the other hand, THREE classes? I've never taken more than 2. Will the enthusiasm that I feel today carry me all the way through until December, or am I just a little bit manic at the thought of fresh school supplies?

Feel free to tell me what to do.

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