Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can't resist a practical joke!

Yesterday afternoon, Mike was following me in through the back gate to post. When I stopped for the security checkpoint, I said to the guard who was checking my ID: "Hey, wanna have a little fun? See that kid in the car behind me? That's my son. Why don't you say something to make him poop his pants just a little bit? I don't know, tell him the car has been reported stolen and you're calling the MPs or something."

Annabelle was in the backseat shrieking as we drove away: "Mom, that is the meanest thing I have ever seen!" I laughed like an idiot all the way home.

Mike was laughing as well when he got home. He said he THOUGHT it was something I had set up (the guard asked whose car he was driving and said that it matched the description of a stolen vehicle), but just in case it was legitimate he had better play along. He also said that the guard got a good laugh out of the whole thing.

Think of me tonight. I will be working concessions at the Brooks & Dunn concert as a fundraiser for the swim boosters. We better make a buttload of money, as I would gladly write a check for $100 right now to buy my way out of this. I have no opinion on Brooks & Dunn, having never heard their music (Lee Ann Womack will be there too--couldn't pick her out of a line up), but I'm not a fan of concerts or of crowds in general and I'm REALLY not a fan of standing on my feet and sweating for 10 hours. Fortunately I'll be working with a lot of my friends, so we can be miserable together.

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