Thursday, September 22, 2005

Go read Annabelle's blog!

Annabelle has some big news, and I promised her I wouldn't scoop it here on my blog. So go to her blog RIGHT NOW and check it out.

I could watch this all day.

Friends of Dubya might not want to click here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Behold the mighty hyphen!

I've been pondering a new name for my blog ever since last Christmas when it became obvious that our days as "The Taylors in Europe" were numbered. "The Taylors in Kentucky"--just not as exciting and besides, Kentucky has just as short a shelf-life for us as Germany did.

I also really wanted to tie in the idea that my life is more or less a circus, complete with jugglers, clowns, and lots of popcorn. Inspiration arrived in the form of a unicycling DVD that Mike was looking at, One Tired Guy. Eureka! Almost . . .

My inner editor was bothered by the absence of a hyphen in the DVD title, which made it look to me as if it were about this one guy who happened to need some sleep. While I am indeed one tired mom (what mom isn't?), I wanted to be a "one-tired mom." You know, a mom who juggles the balls life throws her while balanced gracefully atop one skinny wheel. Hence, the hyphen.

When I started my other blog shortly before we left the States for Europe, I just chose a blog template at random, planning to eventually beautify it a bit, but I never quite got around to it. Eventually all that orange started to look normal to me. I wanted to start off here though with a little more attention to aesthetics, so I got Secret Agent Josephine to whip up the clever picture you see at the top of the page. Didn't she make me look THIN?! I love it!

I said I wouldn't use the name "One-Tired Mom" until I learned to ride the uni I got for my birthday last year, but I'm starting to face up to the fact that that could take a while. I'm eager to get this new blog off the ground and to start describing our adventures as we move our circus back to the US of A and set off in search of new fun. So grab some peanuts or popcorn and enjoy the show! (Just try not to step in the elephant poop on your way out.)