Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cat report

Harvey and Eddie are not getting along quite as wonderfully as Harvey and my parents' cats did. Whereas Willis and Arlo were always up for a game of tag or a feisty round of ear- and neck-chewing, Eddie just hisses occasionally and runs away. That doesn't stop Harvey from trying to start something up though. I hope things get better, but I'm starting to think Ginger (who is still in the kennel from our vacation) might be Harvey's best chance for a playmate. Of course, last time they saw each other, she was scared of him, and he has only gotten bigger and rougher, so who knows how that will go?

I still think Harvey is perfectly adorable, except between 5 and 6 every morning, when I think he is a perfect pain. That seems to be his chosen time for waking me up by chewing on my hair or playing with my eyelashes. This morning I got up, stuffed him in the Sherpa bag, and shut the bag in the bathroom so I could get another couple hours of sleep.

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