Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sitting on the dock of a lake

There's no Wi-Fi here at Fred's parents' house, so I've been rather cut off from my usual Internet habit. Annabelle and I take turns borrowing my father-in-law's computer and connection, but it's just not the same. I occasionally get a signal from a neighbor's network, but it's never strong enough or lasts long enough for me to make true use of it. Tonight, however, I came down to the swing by the side of the lake, hoping that maybe I could pick up a little wireless action from the people on the other side of the water. So far it seems to be working!

Tonight we took supper out on the boat and had a picnic in a little cove somewhere on Lake Martin. It was very pleasant--a little warm at first, but Annabelle and I took care of that by jumping in the water at the first stop we made.

I know I had promised pictures and maybe video from our trip to Georgia yesterday. I don't have my Photoshop Elements loaded on the new computer yet though, so I have no real image editing capability. Plus there's that whole no-Wi-Fi thing. In order to post my bird photo the other day, I had to download it to my laptop, copy it to a flash drive, and post it from there using my father-in-law's computer. Too much work for vacation! So you'll just have to wait patiently for the weekend.

Meanwhile I'm going to enjoy this pleasant weather and my illicit Internet connection. Hey, I know! I'm going to email Fred (who always has the 'Berry by his side) and ask him to bring out some wine!

Edited to add:

It worked! And I figured how to use my integrated webcam:

God, I love technology.

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