Monday, June 09, 2008

My neighborhood sounds like a rainstick

You know those rainsticks that you see at museum gift shops occasionally? You hold it up and turn it over and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a bunch of beads travel rather noisily from one end to the other? Well, that's what Fort Knox sounds like thanks to the cicadas. I'm told that they are merely bad right now but that last week they were HORRIBLE! I had one in my car today and it sounded like a geiger counter at Three Mile Island, so I can see how collectively they really make some noise.

In other news, Mike's middle ear infection has cleared up, but he has developed a nice outer ear infection (swimmer's ear) to take its place. So the middle part of my day was dominated with taking him to the doctor and then sitting for almost an hour and a half waiting to pick up his eardrops at the pharmacy. Then I had to take Annabelle down to E'town for her play rehearsal from 4 to 7, so I haven't gotten much done around the house today.

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