Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm sitting here at Panera, taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi and waiting for Annabelle to get done with play rehearsal. I was temporarily warm as I ate my bowl of black bean soup (yum!), but alas, the soup is long gone and I am freezing now. They've got the air conditioning going full blast. Yes, it's hot outside, but enough already! I feel like ordering 2 more bowls of soup: one for each foot.

I just added Photoshop Elements to my new computer and cleaned up a mishmash of photos from the past week. I'll have to do my pictures from Callaway Gardens in a separate post, as I got a number of pretty butterfly and flower shots, so this will be pretty random.

Here's a little shack that we saw on our Friday afternoon boat ride on Lake Martin:

Here's Ginger admiring the lake and trying to work up the nerve to jump in:

She finally did jump in as Fred and Annabelle started swimming away from the dock. After she had gotten out and I had her on the leash to keep her out and let her dry off, Annabelle started splashing a lot and Ginger got very upset. First she tried to go in and save her but when she couldn't she barked furiously and summoned the coast guard in the form of 4 other dogs and a duck. She and one of the dogs got acquainted:

I told you my baby birds were hot:

I hadn't been out to the rehabber's house in daylight in ages as most bird-related emergencies seem to occur at night, preferably the night before we go out of town 'cause that's when we've got nothing better to do than save the feathered world. I was amazed to see some of her exterior habitats, like these owls:

Stay tuned for some Callaway Garden pictures, maybe tomorrow if you're very, very good.

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