Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break film fest

This morning we went down to Stetson and got registered for Homecoming next weekend. Then we stopped by Belly Busters and brought sandwiches home for lunch. I've been eating hot roast beef and cheese sandwiches at Belly Busters since 1983, and it has always been a must-do on any trip home. Sometime in the last year though, the original owners sold to somebody new and things are just . . . different. The roast beef, for one thing, is a lot saltier. We still continue to visit though, but we always talk about how things used to be.

This afternoon and evening we worked our way through a couple of our movies. First we watched the Angela Lansbury play of "Sweeney Todd," and tonight we watched "Edward Scissorhands." Tomorrow night we have a date with Johnny Depp in the film version of "Sweeney Todd." Two nights in a row of Depp with razor sharp hands!

I'm having a great time but I didn't bring my computer (thanks, Mike, for lending me yours). I'm just getting on a couple times a day to check email and toss something up onto the blog. It's actually a very nice break! Don't worry though--I've gotten this far in Blog365, so I'm not going to quit now.

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