Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not on my to-do list

If you looked at my to-do list from yesterday and thought, "Wow, Bonnie sure has a lot to do before going to Florida," I would like to you take a moment to consider what is NOT on my to-do list: Run 10 miles. No, that is something that will never pop up on my to-do list, especially not on the day we are leaving for vacation, but it IS on Fred's and Mike's lists. I figure they should be more than halfway through by now. Cross fingers for them that it's not too painful--Mike has a wicked cold or allergies, and it is 35 degrees out there right now with 15 MPH winds.

We hope to be on the road by noon!

UPDATE: They finished! Fred did it in 1:28:48, and Mike did it in 1:25:50. Now they're stuck in traffic though, and it looks like it might take them that long again just to get out of the parking lot. Our hopes of being on the road by noon are fading.

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