Tuesday, April 01, 2008

There's a spider on your head!

Ha ha, April foolz!

Events of the day:

Prospective-student tour of Stetson for Mike. My baby? Looking at colleges? Ack! Mike was very impressed by Stetson, and even I was ready to sign up for another go 'round after the film and tour. The big drawback for him is lack of a swim team (due to the pool being 1 inch too short for regulation length).

Walmart for Mom's birthday present and the "Sweeney Todd" DVD.

Watching "Sweeney Todd." We are all Sweeney, all the time, around here.

Mom's birthday dinner at Bellini's. Yum!

Dragged Mike to a seminar at Stetson about small colleges that "change lives."

Back home for presents and cake. Yum again!

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