Sunday, March 02, 2008

I survived the weekend

Well, we're back from Owensboro, and we're currently enjoying some freakishly nice weather. It's 70 degrees, and we have all the windows open! Don't worry though--it's going to get icky again before too long.

So . . . getting back to yesterday! Annabelle's Broadway Boot Camp finished up. They focused on Phantom of the Opera this time around:

I took my camera and shot a couple video clips. Here is the gang performing "Masquerade" from Phantom (it's easier to keep your eye on Annabelle if you know that for most of the piece, she is paired up with the guy in the red pants):

And here is "Comedy Tonight" from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum:

This morning Fred, Mike, and I were up at the crack of dawn and out the door before 7 to go back to Owensboro for the last session of the swim meet. As we were walking in to the pool building, this kid ran by us carrying a folding chair. He didn't look familiar, but his mannerisms reminded me of a boy we knew in Germany. I said to Mike, "Doesn't he remind you of Bryce?" and Mike agreed that yes, he certainly did but what on earth would Bryce be doing here? Well, sure enough, it WAS Bryce! They are living at Fort Campbell now (which I knew, but I still never expected to run into them in Owensboro), and he and his brother were competing at the meet. Mike and Bryce were thrilled to be hanging out and swimming together:

Fred worked as a timer, so I hung out with Bryce's mom, Audrey, and her little ones. It was so nice to see them again!

Fred and Mike were Too Cool today in their finisher shirts from yesterday's 5K:

Mike swam the 4 events he was scheduled to swim and then got drafted at the meet to do the butterfly leg of a 400-yard medley relay. He was happy about that! The picture taking opportunities weren't very good at this venue, so mostly I just sat and worked on my scarf. I couldn't resist snapping one shot of him in the 100 backstroke, as he was in the lane nearest me and looking up:

It was a fun weekend but exhausting. I am actually looking forward to my nice "relaxing" upcoming week, full of meetings and projects and homework.

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