Friday, March 14, 2008

More HSM

The show was great last night! Annabelle wound up going in with Fred for Act 1, which was fun for her but denied me the evil pleasure of imagining all the HSM moms gathering their wee ones close and shooting dirty looks at the solitary man in row L. Oh, and the theater was great about swapping our seats out for seats more in the middle, so whichever side Annabelle came out on, we would be able to see just fine.

Once again she really looked like she was having a fun time up there! I love hearing all the tales of backstage afterwards. She told me after the first night, "You aren't going to believe this, but there are middle-aged men back there dressed in black with beer guts and beards and they move stuff around on stage, and you never see them because you're not looking for them." Well, I looked last night, and I actually spotted one!

We hung out for more autographs and pictures after the show. We got "Coach Bolton":

(This came with an additional thrill because Ron Bohmer has also played "Phantom!")

Here she is with Ben Thompson, who played "Troy" last night:

And Bobby List as "Ryan":

And Arielle Jacobs as "Gabrielle":

We go back tonight and then for 2 more performances on Sunday. I get to be one of the 2 backstage chaperones, and I can't wait! As Annabelle says, I am indeed "really pumped about holding everybody's stuff." Anything for show business!

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