Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bad bunny

I can't remember if it was Mike's first Easter (when he was 8 months old) or his second (when he was 20 months old), but one of those 2 big occasions, Fred and I forgot to do his Easter basket until the next day. Fast forward to tonight, and I almost forgot again! Fred and Mike and I just watched "Pulp Fiction" and I was getting ready to come upstairs and blog and go to bed, when it suddenly dawned on me that Easter is tomorrow.

Fortunately, I had shopped several days ago, so I didn't have to make any midnight Walmart runs. But I can find only one Easter basket! It's driving me crazy because these are those ├╝ber-expensive Longaberger Easter baskets that I splurged for years ago on the theory that they would be part of a meaningful tradition for years to come. And now one has gone AWOL?!

I'm off to improvise. Happy Easter!

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