Monday, March 03, 2008

Good cause

I got the following in my email the other day:
The contest for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award For NCAA Division I Hockey is continuing,and unfortunately, Army cadet, Bryce Hollweg, continues to be stuck in a distant #2 position:

1. Marty Mjelleli (St. Cloud State University) 43%
2. Bryce Hollweg (United States Military Academy) 17%

Here's an extract from the initial Lowe's news release about the contest:

"These ten names will be placed on the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award men’s hockey ballot for a nationwide vote beginning February 13 and concluding March 28. Fan balloting, available on the award’s official website, will be combined with votes from coaches, media and sponsors to determine the recipient of the award."

Two main points: the voting will continue until March 28, and the balloting will not be the sole determinant of the winner. However, it does seem that an impressive lead in the voting would be hard to ignore.

Clearly, the St. Cloud students and friends seem energetic and well organized. Considering the voting pool we have to draw on, it will be ignominious, to say the least, if we can't win this one.

Let's rally the troops and get out the vote! Slogan: "A vote a day keeps St. Cloud away!"

Click here to vote!

Joe Gilbreth '49
I've been trying to vote each day, but sometimes it slips my mind. I figured if I put it on the blog though, I would be reminded every day and maybe some of you good folks would like to lend your support as well.

Go Army, beat St. Cloud!

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