Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow delay!

We've had a bit of wintry weather roll into the Kentuckiana region, and the Fort Knox schools have taken the unusual step of declaring a 2-hour delay for tomorrow. Needless to say, the kids and I are thrilled! Ah, nothing like sleeping late on a Tuesday!

Annabelle's friend Katie just came over to collect her for a snowball fight. Before they left for their snow war, they took Ginger out for a quick romp. This is the most snow Ginger has ever seen, and she thought it was pretty neat. Here she is with the girls (she was too busy sniffing the powder to look at the camera):

They took her for a lap around the house. After that, she was quite happy to head back for the warm, cozy house:

Now, I am a Florida girl, so I am not the foremost authority on snow. But isn't it supposed to be silent? I thought that was part of its charm. This snow is sizzling like bacon, which makes me think there is more going on out there than snow. Let's see what Yahoo has to say:


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