Thursday, February 21, 2008

The gift of time

I should be leaving soon for a school board meeting that would most likely have lasted until 3:00 or 3:30. Afterwards, the PTO meeting was scheduled for 4:00. I was going to have to leave that meeting early so that I could get Mike to the gym for his first session of lifeguard training at 5:00.

Well, we have an ice storm heading our way. The schools are releasing the kids at 11:00 (hey, that's now!) in hopes that the kids and staff can make it home before the storm hits. That cancels both meetings, and there is a strong likelihood that Mike lifeguard class will also be canceled.

I'm hoping the weather can hold off for an hour or so. I'm waiting for the kids to get home, and then I need to run to Walmart to pick up some photos and grab something to fix for supper because Fred's tux dinner has also been canceled due to the weather.

I can't believe I have just been given an entire afternoon to sit at home and play catch-up on my homework and work-work! This will be quite nice as long as we don't lose power or Internet.

EDITED TO ADD: No sooner had I posted that than we started getting pelted with freezing rain. I left immediately for Walmart and quickly decided that the pictures could wait for another day, so I just hit the commissary for groceries instead. Got home and found out that Mike's lifeguard class is indeed canceled. Not much else is happening though weatherwise. The ice/sleet/freezing rain seems to have stopped for now.

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