Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog365: Day 25

Nothing terribly interesting to report today. I attended a committee meeting this morning, ate myself silly at an Indian restaurant for lunch, and then had my hair restored to its natural color. Or perhaps I should say, I had my hair restored to its original natural color.

The only semi-interesting thing that happened today occurred while I was setting the table for supper. I was walking into the dining room carrying a bowl of grated parmesan cheese, when I apparently tripped on an air molecule and twisted my ankle. Down I went like a bag of rocks! I was OK except for a little lingering tenderness in the ankle. I managed, however, to dust the area all around me with a fine coating of parm. It will go down in Ginger's diary as the Great Cheese Miracle of 2008, and she scarfed up all she could while Fred ran for the vacuum cleaner. She continues to make pilgrimages to the holy site, hoping that perhaps a relic might still be lingering deep within the fibers of the rug.

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