Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've got knitting on the brain lately. I am really close to finishing up my most recent pair of socks. All that remains is to graft the toe closed and weave in the loose ends. And, of course, to take a picture of them!

I'm in the mood to do something a little different. I spent an hour and a half in the yarn shop yesterday while Annabelle was at her Broadway bootcamp. I was desperately seeking inspiration, but I'm just so darn picky. I knew I wanted to do either color work or cables, but I just wasn't finding anything that I loved.

I was intrigued by the Mission Falls 1824 Wool, and was contemplating doing a Lopi-style sweater (like the one I made in Germany) out of that. That was going to take a lot of math though, as Lopi and 1824 are nothing like each other gaugewise.

Finally, one of the salesladies pointed me in the direction of some Mission Falls pattern books. I wound up deciding on this scarf, only mine will be black and a kind of taupey color:

I figure it's the perfect way to test drive that yarn, plus a scarf doesn't take a lot of mental energy, thus making it the perfect project to take up time during swim meets and practices. Can't wait to cast on tomorrow!

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