Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We were robbed!

Meade County? Schools closed on account of snow. Hardin County? Schools closed on account of snow. Fort Knox? Schools open despite the snow!

As it turns out the roads cleared by mid-morning anyway, but a snow day would have been so nice. I could have cancelled my dentist appointment and stayed home, but noooooooo. It was business as usual and now I'm looking at $1700 worth of gum upgrades.

Snow days are so nice. I remember how it felt as a kid to get up early and watch the closings crawl by at the bottom of the TV screen, hoping and praying that we would be some of the lucky ones who would get to put on 2 pairs of jeans and stuff our feet into breadbags inside our shoes and go slide down hills on cookie trays. (We southern children weren't very well outfitted for winter weather, I'm afraid, given that we didn't get it that often.)

I think my very first snow day must have been this one in Pensacola, Florida. I made a snow angel:

And I decorated a snowman to look like my dad:

Good times!

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