Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stupid weather

I would write a post griping about how Annabelle and I needed light jackets to walk the dog tonight, but Louisville is under water in a lot of places, so I guess I can't complain. Mom called today to see if I had gone up there. I wondered why she was wondering about that, and she said, "Turn on the Weather Channel!" Oh. My. This is NOT good.

I spent a lot of today helping Annabelle straighten out some stuff with her schedule, and in doing so, I figured out the answer to the question of whether I should take all 3 classes I signed up for. The answer is hell, no! In fact, I might even just take the one core course. Sure, in a TV sitcom the kids would all pitch in to enable Mom to go to school or to work or whatever, and it would be loads of frolicking fun. Heck, the Partridge kids started a rock band to keep the family afloat after Mr. Partridge died! But no, as I was running around today taking care of this it dawned on me: "I'm THEIR back-up. They're not mine." Mike is going to be busy applying to college and for scholarships, and Annabelle has a pretty rigorous course load this year. The last thing I need to do is drag more stress into the mix. So thank you for helping me noodle that one out! I will think of you guys, my vrey wise readers, every time I have a free moment to go to lunch or take a Pilates class.

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