Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coffee, coffee

I've been out of the house at spouses' coffees for the past 2 nights. Basically this just means 2 evenings of hanging out with cool people, eating great food. I don't think I've ever actually had coffee at a coffee.

If you're Annabelle's Facebook friend, you may have noticed that she had to return the middle school's bassoon to the band director because--surprise!--a new 8th-grade bassoonist has arrived. (In fact, he is going to be living 3 doors down from us. What are the odds of THAT happening?!) This is really cool but left us in a momentary jam without a bassoon. Finding a bassoon is just not that easy, unless you happen to have several thousand dollars lying around that you really don't need.

I called the principal bassoonist for the Louisville Orchestra, the same guy who set Annabelle up with her bassoon teacher, and explained our predicament. He gave us a contact, and I called today. We will be renting a used wooden bassoon with an option to buy, and he should have it ready for us next week. It's currently being overhauled. It's a great price, AND if we do decide to buy, we get a 20% discount. So, yay!

There will probably not be any blogging tomorrow. In fact, if there IS blogging, it will go something like this: "I cannot believe I'm driving to Cincinnati and back tonight!" Yes, I will be playing taxi-mom for Mike and a couple of his friends, who are going to go see Blink-182 in concert. Basically, I will drive 2 and a half hours to sit around for several hours (maybe I'll go to a movie?) before driving 2 and a half hours home.

Mom made a new Mad Men me:

She said I picked the wrong nose (hardy har har!) in mine. She might be right. I do think I look thinner in hers, which is nice. I must be wearing my 18-hour girdle in that one.

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