Thursday, August 20, 2009


Remember the amazing Cuban restaurant from Monday's post? I can't stop thinking about their sweet potato fries. In fact, when I got home last night only to discover that a spring had popped loose on the bassoon, rather than feeling irritated that I had yet another journey to Louisville in my future, my immediate thought was, "Sweet potato fries!" Sure enough, it was a quickie fix at the instrument store and then Dad and I were pigging out at Havana Rumba.

About the bassoon--it's great! After I picked it up from the instrument shop, I took it over to meet the professional bassoonist and let him go over it with me. He showed me why it is a $1800 instrument (instead of, say, a $4K or $40K--yes, there are bassoons out there that cost that much--one). He was impressed with the restoration job though and said it would likely be a step up for Annabelle from the school instruments she's used to. He played the hell out of it! In fact, I called Annabelle on my cell phone so she could hear, and her first response was, "Oh my god, is that my bassoon or his?"

Because of the spring snafu, she had to wait until this afternoon to really give it a proper workout. She's a little rusty after her summer away from playing, plus apparently each bassoon has its own little quirks to be worked out. She gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up, however. She's got her first lesson of the year tomorrow afternoon, and I know she's looking forward to showing it off to her teacher.

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