Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why buy the cow?

Annabelle and I had a lovely day in Louisville today. We went up to catch a friend's violin recital and have lunch afterwards, but first we bagged some amazing bargains at Kohl's and the mall (2 pairs of jeans and a t-shirt for me, a pair of pants and 2 t-shirts for Annabelle, and an amazing necklace that we shall share custody of). After a delicious Mediterranian lunch at The Grape Leaf, we stopped by Whole Foods to pick up something for Mike to eat.

We cruised through the store checking out the various samples, and in the fish department we tried some grilled mahi mahi with Cajun seasoning. I have rarely met a grocery store sample I didn't like, but that fish was like eating a spoonful of fire ants. Our mouths were on fire, and Annabelle and I were in a hurry to finish our shopping and get the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of there with a nice bottle of water.

When we got to the dairy department, we bumped into a man giving out samples of milk--sweet, creamy milk from happy grass-eating cows in Ohio! Turns out Whole Foods is now carrying milk from Snowville Creamery, and it is yummy. It's pasteurized, but not homogenized, so you have to shake the carton before opening. Annabelle and I wound up bringing home 2 gallons of our new milk.

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