Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letting the cat out of the bag

Not much to report on today, so I'm digging back through my files to find stuff I never got around to uploading. I'm afraid I neglected to introduce my parents' new cat Arlo. So here, meet Arlo:

Arlo was named Oreo when he found my parents. The phone number on his ID tag was disconnected though, and when efforts to find his people failed, Mom and Dad dubbed him Arlo and brought him inside.

Arlo is brimming with charm and personality, but so was Ted Bundy. He has trouble getting along with poor Willis, so Mom and Dad are back to spending their days shuffling cats from one location to another. While Arlo doesn't play well with real cats, one of his favorite ways to kick back and relax is by loving on his stuffed kitty:

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