Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not enough hours in the day

I made a list today to keep myself on track, and I have been diligently crossing tasks off right and left, but here it is 10:30 and still undone I have: finishing the last 2 chapters of my current indexing project; cleaning the downstairs bathroom; vacuuming Fred's office and the foyer(which will complete the downstairs vacuuming--yay!); fixing Annabelle's dress; and clearing off the other side of the bed. It's covered with a laundry basket full of clean clothes and a couple of shopping bags full of new clothes plus assorted books and stuff. I'm done for today though--all the rest of the stuff will just have to spill over onto tomorrow's list.

Kitten update! Harvey (maybe???) is doing better but will probably be staying with the wildlife rehabilitator until we get back from Jamaica the middle of the month. He will be on antibiotics until just before we leave, and Monica recommended that we hold off on shots until after he's healthy again. Without shots though, I can't board him at the kennel, so boarding him with Monica seems like the best solution. I'm taking the kids over in the morning to visit him. I'll try to remember my camera so that I can get a better picture.

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