Saturday, April 12, 2008

He iz watching me procrastinate

My list of Stuff to Get Done:

-turn in Gold Rush after action report (due last Thursday--whoops!)
-pay the taxes on my indexing empire (due Tuesday, 4/15)
-edit my Autocat paper for my Cataloging class (due Wednesday, 4/16)
-do my Classification assignment for same Cataloging class (due Wednesday, 4/23, but wow, wouldn't it be great to have it done by Thursday, 4/17?)
-write my Issue Brief for my Information Policy class (due Thursday, 4/24, but again, I would love to turn that bad boy in by Thursday, 4/17, and be done, done, DONE with this semester!)
-get ready for school board meeting (Thursday, 4/17)
-finish up some SCC committee work (due Saturday, 4/19)
-work on indexing project that is due . . . hmmmm, when IS that thing due anyway?
-find out due date for indexing project

This doesn't include other stuff like getting kids to their various activities, cooking a semi-healthy meal once every couple of days, vacuuming up the black cat hair that is covering our living room furniture, etc., etc., etc.

So naturally I spent some time this afternoon making my very own ceiling cat:

If you don't know who Ceiling Cat is, then you probably should go spend some time looking around here. All will be revealed.

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