Thursday, April 10, 2008

Public service announcement

We have been getting automated phone calls for several months warning us that our auto warranty is about to expire and urging us to press 1 and do something about it. We have no such warranty, so for the longest time, I just ignored the calls. Then I started pressing 1 and asking to be removed from their call list. Then I got irritated and started pressing 1 and DEMANDING to be removed from their call list. Then I got REALLY irritated when I pressed 1, demanded to be removed from their call list, and the operator HUNG UP ON ME!

So today when yet another auto warranty call came through, I got sneaky. I pressed one and feigned possible interest in purchasing a warranty. But first, I asked, could I please get the name of the company. The operator told me, and I said I had changed my mind about the warranty but would appreciate being put on their do-not-call list. Then I googled for the company's phone number and called their customer service department and very politely yet firmly requested that they never contact me again.

If you are getting bugged by National Auto Warranty Services and want to get them off your back, their phone number is 636-639-1620. Tell them Bonnie sent you! (I am blogging this mostly so that I have a record of when I made this most recent request. God help them if they call again.)

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