Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear National Auto Warranty Services,

You suck.

Love, Bonnie

They won't stop calling! One week after I blogged about how I called them and demanded (yet again) that they stop calling me, they called again. Yesterday the recorded message informed me that THIS WOULD BE THE LAST CALL I WOULD GET BUT MY AUTO WARRANTY WAS ABOUT TO EXPIRE AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T GO DRIVING AROUND WITHOUT A WARRANTY!!! Once again, I hit 1 to speak to an operator, confirmed that she was indeed with National Auto Warranty Services, and told her that this BETTER be the last call I get from them. Tonight . . . another call. Fred hung up on this one before I could verify that it was indeed the dreaded National Auto Warranty Services, but I know it was. I swear I am starting to recognize the ring.

I googled the number that called yesterday (626-259-5502) and found this, which I thought was interesting.

Oh, and here's something interesting (and kind of funny--at least to me): The other day I checked my stats and discovered that somebody had found my blog by googling "National Auto Warranty Services." You know who it was? National Auto Warranty Services! So they know I think they suck, and for some reason I find that comforting.

And another interesting (and again kind of funny) thing: They are getting sued by the Missouri Attorney General. Maybe once I've finished my school projects and have some energy to direct in another direction, I'll start taking pictures of my caller ID and sending the photos to the Missouri AG.

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