Monday, April 21, 2008

Camera, interrupted

I started thinking how cool it would be if I could have a camera focused on the bird nest at all times, and the next thing I knew, I was at Best Buy standing in line with a wireless Internet camera in my hands. Setting it up last night though was a total pain. It involved 3 different calls to Linksys tech support, and I still wasn't done.

This morning I reevaluated whether this was really a road I wanted to go down. Mama Bird was off the nest for an awfully long time, and I kept going to the door to check and see if she had come back yet. Then I thought, yeah, I really don't need to feed this obsession.

So the camera is going back to Best Buy (but it's not because Annabelle was so bitter about my birdcam), and you will all have to make do with the occasional still shot.

Like this one! Look, it's Mama Bird:

Who, me? Obsessed?

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