Friday, June 05, 2009


The high point of today was definitely going over to see Harvey. He's so sweet and cuddly! I can't wait to bring him home.

Other events of today included going to the doctor to figure out why I felt like I had something stuck in my throat (nothing there that shouldn't have been there, so who knows?). While I was there, the doc took a look at my injured ankle and outfitted me with another removable brace/cast that is a little sturdier than the one I bought the other day. He also gave me a cane, so now I toddle around feeling like Dr. House only without the great drugs.

Tonight I am hard at work trying to catch up on my copyediting project. You wouldn't think that a messed up ankle would interfere with a hands-only job like editing, but EVERYTHING seems to be taking longer than it should this week. I'm in pre-panic mode, as Fred and his parents arrive on Sunday, and then we have 2 days to get ready for Jamaica. There's cleaning to be done, cooking to plan and shop for, island clothing to buy . . .

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