Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another day, no Jamaica pictures

I'm still struggling to get my feet back under me, so I still haven't had a chance to work with my Jamaica photos. Annabelle and I went to Louisville this morning to get the spacers for her braces, and then I spent the bulk of the afternoon sitting on the floor of my closet. OK, maybe "closet" is a reach, but it's a hallway between our bedroom and bathroom, and I sat in there on the floor to keep Harvey company while we tried to entice him to use the litterbox that he had to that point scorned. He peed once under my bed (thanks for that, cat!) and pooped in a corner of the bathroom but wanted nothing to do with the immaculate tray of kitty litter we had set out for him. As I sat there, I had a thought: the litterbox at the wildlife rehabilitator is actually a rather large doghouse. Maybe Harvey doesn't like going potty when he's feeling so . . . exposed? So Fred went up to the PX for yet another litterbox--a covered one this time--and that proved to be the ticket. Go figure.

While I was sitting there with the cat, I amused myself by taking pictures with my phone:

Video, too:

I'd like to say the Jamaica photos are coming tomorrow, but realistically that's not likely. We're going to Lexington for the day, and I'm still hard at work to meet a Saturday freelance deadline. So cross fingers for the weekend!

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