Saturday, June 06, 2009

Music to travel by

When I was 5, I wanted nothing more than to grow up and marry David Cassidy. Things didn't work out that way, but I remain a fan of the Partridge Family to this day, cheesy as that may be.

Fred graduated from the War College this morning, packed up his UHaul, and headed towards Kentucky. For the past couple weeks, everybody keeps telling me, "Oh, you must be so excited," and I smile and say, "Oh, yeah," but I haven't really felt all that excited. Fred's coming home for 3 weeks and then leaving for another year. Yippee. We got screwed. This is supposed to be the end of the big separation, not the not-quite-halfway point. So, yeah, I'd have to say my bitterness has outweighed my enthusiasm.

He called me tonight to say he was stopping in Ohio though, and I felt myself starting to get excited. Ohio! That's just the next state over. He'll be here sometime tomorrow afternoon, and we'll celebrate his graduation with his parents and then leave for a family vacation to Jamaica on Wednesday.

I think the Patridge Family makes great music to travel by, so I'm dedicating this one to Fred for his drive home tomorrow:

I'm glad I'm not Mrs. Cassidy after all.

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