Monday, June 08, 2009

Definitely a Harvey and not a Sophie

We had second thoughts today on whether the rescued kitten is a boy or girl, so we chose Sophie as our back-up name. We picked him up and took him to the vet today and confirmed that (1) he is definitely a Harvey and (2) he is negative for those nasty illnesses stray cats sometimes have. He got his first shot and came home with us to visit for a few hours.

Harvey was not interested in getting to know Ginger or Eddie and spent most of his time curled up on a willing chest or shoulder. I didn't manage to get any great pictures, but here he is on our red sofa, which will now be covered with white cat hair as well as black:

We noticed something funky about Harvey's eyes tonight. First, his left one never seems to be open quite as wide as the right one. Second, when he has his picture taken using flash, one eye glows red and the other doesn't:

After supper, we took him back over to the wildlife rehabilitator's house. She is going to watch him for me while we go on vacation so we don't have to subject him to the stress of being kenneled. Can't wait for next Tuesday when he gets to come home for good!

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