Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tux redux

I'm just not ready to let go of the good feelings from last night's prom! Mike went stag and wound up having such a great time with his friends. I can't decide whether these 2 pictures are "international men of mystery" or--to quote Georgette from The Mary Tyler Moore Show--"the top of a gay wedding cake":

Here are some goofy-fun pics I stole from Mike's MySpace page:


There were a couple of heartwarming moments last night as well. Parents were invited in from 9 to 9:30 to watch the crowning of the king and queen and to share a dance with their kids. I took Annabelle along with me, and she was thrilled when Mike asked her to dance:

You might want to grab a hankie for this next part. We have a dear friend who is waging an exhausting battle against a brain tumor. His daughter is a senior and asked her mom to please make sure he came for the parents' part of the festivities. Not only did he show up, but he stood up from his wheelchair and joined her for the dance:

There has been so much sadness in the past few months. It was amazing to see this family share such a happy moment on what turned out to be a truly magical evening.

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