Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Finally spring?

The past couple of days have been obscenely cold, especially for those of us who had gotten used to the Florida warmth last week. Right now it's still only 37 degrees, but it's sunny and doesn't seem to be too windy, and I can hear the Knox Hills gardening crew out there doing the first lawn mowing of the year.

I've got a double-Louisville day ahead of me. I'm going up in a little while for my Pilates class (yay!) and to hit Whole Foods. Then I'll come home, clean house, get Annabelle to and from her musical theater class, and cook supper (blueberry muffins and fruit salad). Then it's back to Louisville, this time to the airport to pick up Fred (yay!). He'll be here until Sunday for his spring break.

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