Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Better late than never! As you may recall, I was sick as a dog when Fred was home for Presidents' Day weekend, and we wound up canceling our plans to go up to Louisville for an overnight in a fancy-pants hotel. Well, we declared yesterday to be the day for cashing in the raincheck. I didn't announce it here in advance, because much as I like you folks, I have a tough time announcing to the Internet: "Attention, world! My children will be home alone tonight."

Fred and I checked in to 21C, which is "a 90-room hotel dedicated to world class luxuries, Southern-style hospitality and contemporary art from living artists." Penguins feature prominently throughout (and on the outside of) the hotel:

and there are lots of special touches like this:

The hotel also features an art museum, and Fred and I had fun wandering around admiring the exhibits, such as this one. You can read more about "Text Rain" here, but basically it was a screen with projected letters falling like raindrops. The letters stopped momentarily when they reached a person on the screen:

This piece of art caught our eye:

Here's Fred dodging a falling piano:

We had a great time on our date night and have spent today taking care of mundane chores like hitting the commissary and bathing the dog. Tomorrow we'll enjoy Fred's blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then head back up to Louisville so Annabelle can have a bassoon lesson before we drop Fred off at the airport.

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