Sunday, May 11, 2008

Working like a mother

I spent a nice, quiet Mother's Day. My day started with blueberry pancakes and ended with barbecued chicken, and everything in between was fairly peaceful. I didn't have to go anywhere, which was wonderful, especially considering the cold, rainy, blustery weather that Just Won't Stop.

I worked on my freelance indexing project all morning, which probably doesn't sound very fun. I have had a real procrastination issue with this project, however, so it felt really good to get a lot done and finally see the end in sight.

I had hoped to get even more done this afternoon, but Mike was having some serious technical difficulties with the slideshow he was doing for extra credit for his language arts/history class. He had his music, all his pictures, his video, everything. But he was using 2 different video editing packages (Pinnacle's Studio and Window Movie Maker), and they were BOTH acting stupid. At one point with WMM, he was literally opening the software, making a couple changes, saving it, and then closing out the software and opening it again after it froze up and refused to budge. This happened over and over and over again! So I wound up spending more time than I had expected just helping him make the programs work. He had hoped to make it about a minute longer than what he wound up with, but by this point he was ready to just be done with it. It came out really nice (WARNING: It's a holocaust theme, although it's not especially graphic as far as that sort of thing goes):

I think I am going to finish off Mother's Day by having a nice soak in a hot tub. Here's wishing a happy Mother's Day to Mom and Grandma and all the other cool moms I know!

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