Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex report

Aha! I thought that might get your attention (and heaven only knows what sort of Google traffic that title will bring). We just got back from seeing opening night of "Sex and the City" with a couple friends of ours. It was so good!

We wound up double-dating in a rather roundabout fashion. When I first saw the preview on TV about a month ago, I squealed and grabbed Fred's arm and announced, "Oh, we are so going to go see that on opening night!" He reacted with the enthusiasm one might normally reserve for, say, a trip to the DMV to renew one's license--not as bad as an unpleasant medical procedure, but not as much fun as a day at the beach either.

Then last week I saw my friend Angie at a party. She and I had gone together at Christmas to see "Sweeney Todd" and had a wonderful time. She came up to me at the party and shrieked, "Sex and the City! Next week!" And I shrieked back, "Hell, yes!"

Then I came home and told Fred that he was off the hook "Sex and the City"-wise, an announcement I expected would be greeted with some measure of relief. Instead, he looked all disappointed and said, "But I thought we were going to see that together!" So that is how I came to have 2 dates for the same movie and how we decided to invite Angie's husband along and make it a double date.

Fred and I have a long history with SATC. It was the reason we first subscribed to HBO when we moved to San Antonio. And when the last season corresponded with our first year in Germany--where HBO was unattainable--that was the show that prompted me to figure out how to download TV shows off the Internet.

Seeing it on the big screen was just incredible, like catching up with old friends. And it was such fun to watch it in a theater mostly filled with women. I haven't seen that kind of audience response to a film since the original Pokemon movie (and needless to say, the audience was way younger for that one). I know some reviews say it was too long, but from the first opening bars of the familiar theme to the final credits, I enjoyed every single minute.

No spoilers from me, but you can see the trailer here:

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