Friday, May 23, 2008

Packing list

"Cabaret"? Check.
"Wicked"? Check.
"Lion King" (the musical, not the movie)? Check.
"Beauty and the Beast" (again musical, not movie)? Check.
"Sweeney Todd"? Check.
"Annie"? Check.
"Spamalot"? Check.
"Grease" (the new Broadway show with Max--we're Slacker Backers!)? Check.
"Les Miserables" (auf deutsch)? Check.
"Das Phantom der Oper" (obviously auf deutsch)? Check.
"Cats" (again with the deutsch)? Check.
"Little Shop of Horrors"? Check.
"Man of La Mancha"? Hmmm . . . decidedly not check. Must find this.
Carefully edited map showing Starbucks and IHOPs along the way? Check.
Assorted clothes and crap? Check.

Yep, it looks like Annabelle and I are just about ready for our roadtrip!

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