Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

Enough with this stupid weather already! I need some warm and sunny, and I need it NOW!!!!!

I feel amazingly better today, although my sleep is a little wonky--from the narcotics or the steroids, who knows? I woke up feeling FABULOUS at 3:30 this morning. Seriously good, like I would have gotten up and vacuumed or something except that it might wake everybody else up. So I stayed in bed instead and fell back asleep at around 4:30 and slept off and on until 7:30 (our room gets a lot of traffic in the mornings, so there's always something to wake me up). Oddly enough, I didn't feel as terrific at 7:30 as I did at 3:30. Not bad really, just not that fantabulous.

Today has been run, run, run. Fred and I had to go down to E'town to get my car from the garage. It needed a new starter and will be getting new tires soon. If there is a less sexy way to spend money than car repairs, I can't think of what that might be.

I had a school board meeting for most of the afternoon. I had the good sense to skip the board luncheon that we do every month, as I am not ready for solids and I doubted the luncheon fare would feature my basic 3 foods: chicken broth, tomato soup, and lime sherbet. Lime sherbet is a freakin' wonderfood!

Tonight is Mike's honors assembly at the high school. While it's always fun to go hear how terrific your kid is, I DREAD going back out in this horrendous weather. I've already granted Annabelle special dispensation from attending, as she spent the day slogging around Kentucky Kingdom with her band and changed into her PJs immediately upon returning home.

Tomorrow is Mike's historical petting zoo that I told you about a couple weeks ago. I have to get up at the crack of dawn to help Mike powder his hair and then lug all his Beethoven-related stuff over to the school. The show starts at 9, and I guess I'll be there most of the morning, as parents are invited to watch.

Tomorrow night is Annabelle's piano recital followed by a dinner in honor of some friends of ours who are leaving. (I hope they have chicken broth, tomato soup, and lime sherbet!)

Saturday Fred and I will be at Kentucky Kingdom all day with Mike's school band. I can't even begin to express how much I am not looking forward to this. Normally I wouldn't confess such a thing publicly for fear of hurting my child's feelings, but in this case the only person dreading it more than I am is the child who we're doing it for. So, whatever. Where does one get chicken broth, tomato soup, and lime sherbet at Kentucky Kingdom anyway?

And then on Sunday we have to be in Lexington, which is 100 miles from here, by 7 (that is SEVEN! in the MORNING!) for Mike's swim meet. Let's hope they have chicken broth, tomato soup, and lime sherbet at the concession stand.

So I guess it is really good that I am recovering as quickly as I am, although at least if I were feeling worse I could pass the weekend in yesterday's pleasantly stoned Vicodin condition. Hmmmmm . . . is that a twinge I feel?

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