Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday's bird is fair of face

OK, actually Monday's bird is fair of butt. We got home this afternoon, and I couldn't wait to get a new shot of my babies, but they all had their little rear ends pointing in my direction:

I have the sweetest friends! Laura called me today to let me know that she had checked on the birds while she was feeding Eddie and that they are all fine. She also told me that my neighbor Tammy had been checking on them regularly and built an addition to their nest. Apparently little birds are starting to fall overboard with the quarters being so cramped, and she was concerned that Mama Bird didn't have a place to sit. So she built this cool new wing (ha ha, get it? "wing"?!) for their home:

Here the babies are enjoying some supper:

We got home about a half hour ago. We've got another hour to unpack and unwind and then we're taking off for the middle school for Annabelle's induction into Junior Beta Club.

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