Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sometimes I wonder where my head is

I got a Barnes & Nobles gift card from a friend for Christmas and actually remembered to take it to B&N when we went there to kill time during Mike's guitar lesson yesterday. As I prowled through the aisles, I realized that I have a terrible time spending gift money, much more so than I do spending my own money. Nothing seemed worthy of my gift card until finally, finally I found a book that I have been wanting for quite a while. Then I went up to the cashier and . . . totally forgot I had a gift card. Sigh . . .

EDITED TO ADD: A little while ago I was reading today's newspaper while helping Mike with his German homework, and I took note of the following headline: "More Snow Bears Down on Denver." Now, it will take you more time to read this than I spent actually thinking it, but my reaction was to wonder what the hell are snow bears? And how would anybody know their opinions on Denver anyway? Perhaps I should go back to bed for a little while.

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