Sunday, December 24, 2006

One day more

Tuesday morning was a lot like Monday morning, only the venue was Build-a-Bear instead of American Girl Place. We had walked past Build-a-Bear Sunday evening and were put off by the long line trailing out the door, so we knew we had to get there early. Two hours later, we left with Annabelle's newly stuffed friend:

No trip to New York would be complete without seeing the Empire State Building. I know it looks like I Photoshopped the kids and rodents into this picture, but I swear I didn't. I think it was the glare coming off the building from behind Mike that gives such a strange effect:

The rodents found the perfect way to travel around town and take in all the sights:

After a deli lunch, we went back to the hotel room for a short rest before walking over to the UN:

From there we walked over to Times Square and then up to the southern tip of Central Park. Somewhere in all of this, we found ourselves outside the FOX news studio where we got to watch the news report being filmed:

Not being FOX watchers, we have no clue who that is, but since it's the closest we came to a famous person during our whole trip, I thought it was worth taking a picture.

We walked past the crowds outside the stage door for David Letterman's show and headed back into Times Square for our one splurge meal at the Hard Rock Cafe. Our show for the evening was "Spamalot":

"Spamalot" was the perfect way to end our New York City adventure--light hearted and slighty raunchy and filled with killer rabbits, flying cows, and insolent Frenchmen. Even Fred, who is not normally much of a Monty Python fan, had a good time, and now he has a slighty clearer idea of what the kids are talking about when they quote "Holy Grail."

Taxis were hard to come by after the show, but the weather was mild and we had skipped the painful dress shoes in favor of more casual duds, so we savored one last stroll through Times Square as we walked back to our hotel.

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